A Journey to a Miracle


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A Journey to a Miracle | Jessica Groom (maiden name :))

This is my true story of how I went from being what I thought was happy, but in fact really miserable, to a whole new kind of happy. It is about how and why I created the Happy Pill, and all of my happiness tips. I would simply LOVE for you to read it and LOVE for you to learn from my Journey to a Miracle. xo

Jessica Groom grew up in a less than ideal home environment without gaining real insight into how to love herself or find happiness. As a result, she spent most of her adult life as an anxious workaholic and addict who, even after suffering a stroke at age thirtyone, continued on the same chaotic course. But when she decided to follow a long-held dream and travel throughout Asia, Jessica had no idea that her desire to find herself through a new experience would have the power to send her down an even darker path.

Jessica Groom chronicles her brave journey as she checked out of the rat race and traveled through China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. But when Jessica’s inner dialogue began to take control over her dream, she details how her trip turned into a nightmare as depression set in. After she returned home early to what she thought was her safe place, Jessica attempted suicide. For some, the story might end there. But for Jessica, her story continues as she reveals how she found the determination to reclaim
her life, vowed to conquer her internal demons, and discovered a way to control her depression, happiness, and mind.

A Journey to a Miracle is the true story of one woman’s ambitious quest to discover herself, overcome depression, and find her own happy ending.

Creator of the super, totes, awesome online Happiness Course, Mind Boot Camp. I am a writer, hypnotist, happiness coach, happiness lover, sharer and giver and I am on a mission to help make the world a happier place. I believe in love, positive thinking, meditation and gratitude. I love yoga, my happy business, my family and my puppies. My writing has been featured in Huffington Post, MindFood, FinerMinds and The Urban List.

Thank you for reading, for visiting and for being YOU! Follow me on my continued, ever evolving, happy journey… Peace and Love. X

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