A journey to a miracle
A journey to a miracle
A journey to a miracle

It took me only 3 months to write, but 3 years to get it published. Its a heck of a process.

Add in meeting the man of my dreams and a new baby, what can I say, I got sidetracked. But I made it, and boy am I proud that I did. It is one heck of an accomplishment, even if I do say so myself.

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A Journey to a Miralce

I grew up in a home where there was very little happiness. I knew what it was, but didn’t feel it a lot. I learnt how to be tough, be independent; but not how to be happy.

I spent most of my twenties depressed. I was 23 the first time it was really bad, I started bashing myself on the head with a hairdryer. I just wanted to do something to take away the pain I felt inside. Bashing myself felt like the obvious answer. My sister had to come and save me. She took me to her house where I lay on her couch for weeks before I could get it together again.

After this time, depression started making a regular appearance in my life. It would hit me hard each time. I would self harm, and be so anxious that I would shake to my core.

I thought about suicide regularly, but never did anything actively to try it.

By the time I was 33 I thought that I had a hold of the depression. I never really did any serious work on myself to help get rid of it for good, I just thought that I was doing fine and that the black dog was gone away.

I quit my job to fulfil my desire to travel around Asia. I was super excited to finally have a break from work and I was excited to see the world, I never ever thought that my trip would end with my suicide attempt.

A Journey to a Miracle is my true story. It brings you on the journey with me through China and South east Asia. Follow me on my travels, as I meet my long term friend and my niece, read about what was going on in my head the whole way through.  Depression was setting in, and I lay out the red carpet for it. It wasn’t until I finally returned to Sydney, which I thought was my safe place, I decided to take my own life.

What happens next is my Miracle. Read how I learnt to save myself, from myself. What I learnt about happiness, and what I am now doing to help make the world a happier place.

A journey to a miracle