30 things to do when you feel sad

April 19, 2017


We all get sad sometimes. Its part of life, sadness. Without sadness we would never understand happiness, so we gotta go through the sad times in order to experience the happy times. Sounds fair enough, but what do we do when the sadness is strong? When the sadness feels like its taking over. We make changes. What changes I hear you ask? Well I have 30 of them listed below.

Below are 30 things to do when you feel sad.

  1. Write – get a journal and write down your feelings. It really can help to let it out
  2. Clean – cleaning is therapeutic, you can also use this time to throw out all this crap that has been building up and annoying you. Bring anything useful to charity and double up with a good deed on this one
  3. Dance – put on your absolutely favorite banging tune and get your boogy pants on
  4. Have a bath – proven to help you to relax and feel better
  5. Eat chocolate – get the fancy stuff. It will help dry up those tears
  6. Buy yourself a present – don’t have a birthday coming up soon? Well that don’t matter. You deserve something fabulous so go get that special thing you have been eyeing up for ages.
  7. Volunteer – by helping others you are helping yourself. Love pets? Go to a animal shelter. Love humans? Go to a homeless shelter and offer your services.
  8. Create something – make a picture, paint something, knit something, sew something, write something.
  9. Star jump – it breaks the sadness cycle. And even saying those words makes me smile. Star jump J
  10. Write down all the things you love about your life right now – there are lots of things so don’t even dare say that there isn’t. I want it all, even write down the fabulous jeans that you have. You know the ones you look really skinny in.
  11. Watch your favourite movie
  12. Contact a long lost friend. Someone that you actually like!
  13. Look through old photos. Oh I love looking back at fun times. It makes me smile
  14. Plan a holiday. Even if it’s a trip to see a friend for a few days
  15. Spend $30 in a dollar shop
  16. Go to yoga. Find a class, there are plenty available
  17. Go to urban dictionary and type in your name. hilarious!!
  18. Plan a party. A ‘heck I am fabulous’ party!!
  19. Write a letter to your future self. What would you say? Tell her all about the sad times, but also tell her about the good times.
  20. Hula hoop
  21. Go for a long walk. Bring some tunes and find a nice place to go and be at one with nature
  22. Get a massage
  23. Bake a cake
  24. Try on the most expensive shoes you can find
  25. Smile at a stranger. Simples.
  26. Lie down in the sunshine, feel it warm your face, feel the energy from the sun seep into you
  27. Give someone you love a big fat hug!
  28. Just stop and take ten deep breaths. Or you can try one of my guided meditations, how about the darth vader one to make you smile 🙂
  29. Ask for help – there is nothing wrong with saying I need someone to pull me outta this. Sometimes we cant do it alone. Sometimes we need help, and that’s ok. We are human, and that is why we have the human race. So we can all learn and grow together. Even psychologists themselves need help.
  30. If all else fails, drink wine!!

If your feeling sad lots and think that you need something more than a quick fix, then try one of my online courses. Proven to help people to get through tough times and break free of the sadness into happy land. If for any reason they don’t help you get back on track, ill give you your money back stat!

Peace and Love, Jessica xoxo



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